Review: Backpacking Centurion: Volume 3 - Taints and Honours

If you have had the opportunity and loved reading volumes one and two of Backpacking Centurian: A Northern Irishman's Journey through 100 Countries, the third in this three-part book series; Volume 3 - Taints and Honours which can be purchased on Amazon will not disappoint.

Written by Northern Irish globe trotter; Jonny Blair, his book focuses on his life ten years on from leaving his seaside hometown of Bangor to pursue his dreams of travelling the world.

After reaching over 100 countries and even some that technically don't exist, Jonny completes his travel book trilogy with a mixture of sincerity, laughter, and tears. His honest stories of the ups and downs of long-haul travel and openness about life, in general, make his books both heart-warming and relatable.