8 Of The Best Cheap Restaurants To Eat In London

Finding places to eat in London which are affordable can be difficult. The problem with London is that it is the capital of England and will be full of tourists so restaurants will be much more expensive than your average restaurant.

Nonetheless, the food there will be amazing and you will struggle to find anywhere better in England. The standard is so high with every cuisine as well. Let’s look at some of the best restaurants in London that are affordable.

Cafe Chula, Camden

If you are a taco lover like us, Cafe Chula is one of the best Mexican restaurants located in Camden. When you think of Tacos, you think of slow-cooked pork and that is what you get at this fantastic restaurant. The tacos are filled with coriander, crackling, pulled chicken, sliced onions, spicy sour cream, crispy sweet potato and many more. Not to mention there's a wonderful margarita list under £9. Camden is a great place to visit in London and Cafe Chula.

Ugly Dumpling, Soho

Ugly Dumpling, a restaurant located in the heart of London, is another affordable restaurant. Additionally, they have a variety of meal, vegan and vegetarian platters to suit everybody's needs. Not to mention the platter is only £13.50 for eight dumplings. Plus, there is a mix of different steamed and stuffed parcels. There are classic and unique types of dumplings such as Cheeseburgers and Nutella dumplings. Some are even stuffed with nuts and marshmallows! If you want something a little different when in London and something affordable.

Master Wei, Bloomsbury

Master Wei, located in Bloomsbury, and the Chinese cafe is a hidden gem near Russell Square. This restaurant oozes Chinese culture with Chinese art on the exposed brick walls. Furthermore, this restaurant is under £10 and some are under £7 so it can’t get better than that.

Banh Banh, Peckham

Looking for an affordable restaurant in Peckham? Well, Banh Banh might be the restaurant for you. This family-run restaurant specialises in Vietnamese dishes that are no more than £11 per dish. It is advised you go with a family-style feast so you can have a variety of dishes to choose from. If you want food that will guarantee flavour, is affordable and will leave you feeling full, this is the place to be.

Marugame Udon, Bond Street

Located on Barrett Street in London, the world-famous Marugame Udon noodle restaurant offers some of the best and cheapest noodles in the city. Located at St Christopher’s Place although there are others on Liverpool Street, The O2, and the Canary Wharf. Bond Street is full of amazing restaurants as well as high-street fashion stores. Just park your car at Bond Street car park and explore this fantastic place which is a favourite for many.

The Cheese Bar, Camden

Up next, this one is for cheese lovers and is an affordable place to eat as well. The Cheese Bar Temple has everything for those cheese lovers including typical grilled cheese sandwiches or a five-cheese macaroni and a truffle burger. Not to mention everything is under ten pounds.

Roti Chai Street Kitchen, Marleybone

Hidden behind Selfridges in Marleybone, the Roti Chai Street Kitchen is a place where you will get your value for money. If you are craving affordable Indian food, this one should stop the list as the Railway Lamb Curry will be under £10s and certainly fill a hole for the evening. Not to mention the dishes are packed with Indian spices.

Poppie’s Fish & Chips, Soho

We all love a good fish and chip shop but finding one which is affordable and good.  Poppie’s Fish & Chips will be the place for you if you are a fish and chips lover. The Poppie’s combo costs £13.95, if you want it to be more inexpensive, choose one of the British classics, chip butties, for less than £4.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many restaurants available which are affordable and great value for money. Additionally, there are many other restaurants in London that you can visit, however, these are some of our favourites.