What to put on your Empty Kitchen Wall

Are you staring at the vacant walls in your kitchen, wondering what you can do with them to make them less boring? Plain walls can leave you undecided, but do not worry. You can give a minimalist look to your existing walls and a new, impressive look to your kitchen.

Decorating your cooking area in the best way that reflects your own style and as well as your personality. There are numerous options when it comes to kitchen decor that you can use to display your creativity.

So, check out some of these fantastic ideas to convert your empty wall into a great wall!

Showcase Your Art Collection

It is not compulsory to put all your art pieces only in the living room and just a specific crockery collection in the kitchen. You can enjoy wall art while cooking and it can build up a happy atmosphere for your family. You can display your outstanding art pieces by hanging them on the kitchen walls. Wall art such as photographic canvases add character and beautiful illustrations will make your kitchen look more lively.

Ideas for Open Shelves

If you do not know what to do with an empty wall, you can go with shelves, which are easy to install, and also affordable. Open shelves do not take up much space, making them ideal for small compact kitchens.

Shelves don't have to be used for decorative items only, but you also place recipe books, ceramic plates, and coffee mugs. This creates a clutter-free space that is welcoming and looks great.

Cutting Board Wall Decor

If you love to cook, you could hang up your chopping board collection. If you do not have a place to store a large chopping board, then you can display it on the wall. They are available to buy it in different shapes, designs, sizes, and colours. They will also save your work surfaces, and keep them looking as good as new.

Go with an Oversized Clock

When you are thinking of renovating your space, you can put a large clock on the wall. This decorative item will not only help you to see the time, but it will enhance the beauty of your wall. You can buy or customize your clock according to your interest.

For example, you can go for a wall clock with bold numbers, and it also complements your interior design. You can hang it near the window, shelves, or simply on the plain wall.

Add Eye-Catching Tiles

Tiles protect your walls from damage and add fresh vibes to your space. In addition, they give a finishing and texturing look to your space. It is not a difficult task to do it yourself but you can hire a professional expert too. And add tiles according to your taste and preference, such as beautiful mosaic, Moroccan, or geometric print tiles that will illuminate your kitchen with prints and patterns.

Go for Greenery

You can hang plants and flowers inside your kitchen on the vacant walls. This is an instant idea to transform your space into a welcoming and beautiful area. In addition, it refreshes your cooking room and improves the quality of the air. Macrame plant hangers are ideal for use in the kitchen to display your collection of herbs.

Introduce Trendy Wallpapers

While it can be a good idea to use wallpaper in the kitchen and you can add it according to your interior design, some people choose to avoid using it in the kitchen in case it gets dirty or starts to peel away because of moisture. 

It gives a texturing, and finishing and it also looks fantastic. The fun part is it is available in many prints like floral, metallic, and a lot more, according to your preference. It is easy to install, removable, and very affordable. There are plenty of stylish options available on the wallpaper market. According to Reports and Data, experts speculate that the demand for interior decoration will continue to rise from the residential and the commercial sectors resulting upwards wallpaper market growth.

Hang Lights on Vacant walls

Wall lights can be a great addition as they do not take up space. As a result, dark spaces feel smaller while brightly light room feels bigger. You can do so with a combination of chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and flush mounts. It can create an inviting, welcoming space while also providing a useful and purposeful atmosphere.

Final Words

A well-stated wall provides a perfect finishing to the room. It also repels dirt, dust from your walls. In addition, it defines and decorates the space and enhances the touch and feel of your cooking area. Hopefully, these ideas will help you decorate your blank wall and also add a beautiful look.